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After two of my friends and I made Chai cupcakes last night {see tomorrow’s post for the recipe and photos} I started thinking about all the baking I’ve been doing the past few months and how much I really enjoy it. A year ago my friend Caileigh made an amazing batch of Red Velvet cupcakes with a perfectly swirled dollop of cream cheese frosting on top. Since then, I’ve been trying to perfect my own frosting recipes but can never seem to get the perfect consistency. I talked to her last night and after giving me a few tips and showing me this handy tool, I’ve decided I’m going to spend at least part of this upcoming weekend baking a few batches of cupcakes. Here are some other baking tools I’m currently eyeing:

{Cake pop maker – these are now an official thing, at least according to Starbucks}

{I’ve been looking for little dishes for molten cakes and creme brulee}