I don’t usually like my birthday but had a really enjoyable day yesterday spending time with Kyle for most of the day and with Laura most of the evening. I started the day out with coffee at Fair Trade, read “Hunger Games” and shopped during the afternoon and went out for Thai for dinner with Kyle. Laura and I have been on a “Star Wars” binge for the last few days and decided at the last minute to a) run to the library to find episode three and b) find a late night birthday treat at Sunroom Cafe. Unfortunately, the movie was checked out and the cafe was closed. We ended up renting “The Proposal” and splitting a piece of carrot cake from the grocery store. Although it was a somewhat unconventional way to spend my birthday I really enjoyed it.

My dad is coming to Madison this weekend for the half marathon and I’m getting really nervous/excited for the race. My running partner and friend Rachel and I have trained hard but I’m still feeling a little worried! I know it will go fine and I know I will be relieved when it is over!

{These chocolates from Kyle are really yummy}

{Laura and Brenda knew just what I wanted for my birthday: one of my new favorite films and “The Help” which I’ve been wanting to read for a few months.}

{Fun new Lancome Juicy Tubes from my roommate Brenda: Copacabana Coffee and Rose Twist}