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  1. Canvas handbag
  2. Super sunglasses
  3. Stone Chain necklace
  4. Embroidered dot top
  5. Birds of a Feather necklace
  6. Hanging Gardens cardigan
  7. Herringbone shorts
  8. Studded belt
  9. Studded sandals

Ok, so maybe these items are more sensible for a Sunday afternoon in the park. I admit this post is entirely impractical in that I never spend time in the woods and even if I did none of the above items would be anywhere near practical for a woodsy adventure. Despite the fact that I haven’t been camping in years and I didn’t get a chance to spend any time at any family friends’ cabins last summer, I still love spending time outdoors even if it just means having a picnic or relaxing by a lake. My mom used to joke that she would only go camping if she had a place to plug in her hair dryer – although I’m not that averse to ruffing it {and actually do enjoy cabin trips} I do have to say I am pretty lame when it comes to canoeing and making a fire. But, I will have a lot more free time this summer and hope to get out on at least one or two cabin trips!