In September of last year a little known film called “For Lovers Only” premiered in Beverly Hills. The film, the seventh from the independent film makers and identical twin brothers Mark and Michael Polish, has gained little media or online attention. Although many of the plot elements of this French New Wave- inspired film are still under wraps, my roommate Laura decided to do some digging online and found out some details that put this film on my summer “must see” movie list.

Hannah: How did you first hear about “For Lovers Only” and why did it look so interesting to you?

Laura: I first heard about it because I watch this show called Castle and the main actress from Castle, Stana Katic, is in this movie – I’m a big fan of her. The reason it sounded interesting was because the director said he wanted to make a film about a couple that was in love rather than falling in love and I thought that was a really novel idea for a movie.

Hannah: Tell me a little more about the plot line.

Laura: So, it is hard to tell from the trailer but the movie was inspired by a French film called “A Man and Woman” which won two Oscars in 1966. The movie focuses on the love affair between a model-turned-journalist, (Katic) and a photographer who is played by Mark Polish. The two were past lovers and they find each other again in Paris and they basically rekindle their love and then leave paris and travel throughout France enamored with each other.

Hannah: You mentioned that the trailer was somewhat ambiguous but also intriguing. Why would you personally recommend this film?

Laura: I think the style is probably a lot different from the typical film that everyone raves about in that it is filmed in black and white, part of it is in English and part of it is in French, but also I feel that it is a lot more realistic because there isn’t a set script, it is just these two lovers traveling like gypsies and it seems a lot more improvised and a lot more relatable than the typical Hollywood film. Also, the music makes the movie a lot more dynamic because a lot of the tone is set based on the soundtrack they chose.

Hannah: What artists are included on the soundtrack?

Laura: The film score is the work of composer Kubilai Uner, whose work I’m not completely familiar with. From the trailer I can tell the choice of music really adds to the emotion in the film.

Hannah: When can we expect to see this film in theaters?

Laura: The internet has been flying with rumors but according to the Polish brothers, the film will come out in June 2011.