This weekend promises to be one of my most busy this semester.  A few weeks ago I thought I would be all set to spend my weekend at the Wisconsin Film Festival but a few things have come up in the meantime that will likely  fill up most of my weekend. I’m going to keep this short because I need to run out the door but I do want to mention the fact that it’s snowing outside in Madison right now. Apparently the April Fools joke is on all of us in this never ending winter wonderland – I am soooo ready for this joke to be over!

Plans for the weekend:

  1. Bake these for a kid’s carnival I’m volunteering for
  2. Finish editing my students’ papers
  3. Watch Bill Cunningham New York {and maybe a few other film fest movies}
  4. Finish working on a project due Tuesday
  5. Run!

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