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Whenever I have a lot of reading or writing to do for school I try to find a cozy place in my apartment or at the library to curl up, drink some coffee and get to work. This winter was especially cold in my ground-level apartment which made it difficult to find a comfortable place to finish reading, homework or writing papers. This week, I’m working on editing my students’ papers and am looking for the ideal place to read and edit for a solid chunk of my afternoons. I also have a project due next week and a research paper due the following. It’s times like these that I wish I had a comfy nook to settle in to! Here are some of the items I would want to bring with me to stay snug and warm in my ideal study space:

  1. Marjorie Chair
  2. Dusky blooms pillow
  3. Bookends
  4. Illuminated globe
  5. Gramercy sofa
  6. Glass table lamp with wood