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My number one plan this weekend: spend as much time as possible goofing off and eating out with my younger brother. My brother is coming to visit this weekend and we have a full set of activities planned including seeing The Illusionist, ordering Thai and attending a party and a concert. My brother has come to visit three years in a row now and each time we spend the weekend leisurely – getting late breakfasts, watching movies and finding things to go and see around campus. This time will be his last visit before I graduate and I’m hoping we get to spend some quality time together talking about both the present and the future. I mentioned in a recent post that he and I will also spend a little over a week together traveling in Spain this summer – I’m really looking forward to this trip and hope we spare a little time this weekend to plot out some of our touring destinations!

Also on tap…

  1. Read two books before Tuesday
  2. Finish writing a paper
  3. Attend “They Marched Into Sunlight” – a modern dance performance at the Union