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During the wintertime I always end up glorifying the coming of spring more than I should. By the end of January I’ve usually had about all I can take of wind, sleet and snow and spend more than a few conversations with my roommates whining about living in a “god forsaken ice cube.” But the one thing that always seems to surprise me each year is the wave of spring showers that show up like clockwork on March 21st. This year, spring came a day early and I spent my Sunday afternoon holed up in my apartment to avoid the stormy weather. I don’t mind the rain too much as long as I have the right gear to keep me dry – unfortunately, my one pair of rubber rain boots split down the back last year and my raincoat is a little too thin for the 35 degree weather. These are the items I wish I had to weather the rest of this week’s promised storms:

Flower-drenched galoshes – $158

Yellow Shiny Hooded Plastic Mac – $92

Lulu Guinness Birdcage Umbrella