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The first signs of spring are here – chirping birds in the morning, daylight past 6 p.m. and puddle filled streets. Although it isn’t officially spring, and I’m still up in cold Minneapolis on break, I can’t help but think about the warm weather to come. One of my favorite things about spring in Madison is seeing all the gardens and flowering trees on campus begin to bloom. I especially love the path and long stretch of stairs between Chamberlain and the botany gardens – the day when the light blue, purple and pink flowers on the surrounding trees bloom always seems somewhat magical.

Although the outdoor flora is beautiful I can never seem to find spring pieces with patterns that reflect the delicateness and romance of the garden blossoms. Many floral prints I’ve found look like a set of 1960’s curtains or handkerchiefs … all I can say is a) who is designing this supposed “spring” apparel and b) why would I ever consider buying that? Thankfully to Erdem’s Spring 2011 collection I was able to find some prints I actually like:

If only I could find versions of these that I could actually afford…