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The film festival is a few weeks away but I’m already getting excited. I only made it to one film last year (my family was in town visiting that weekend) so I can’t wait to spend a full three days in various theaters across downtown Madison. Here are some of the documentaries I plan to see:

How to Start Your Own Country“: On my way home to Minneapolis last week my friend and I got into a conversation about an article she recently read about micronations –  self-proclaimed “countries” that are not recognized by the international community but often have their own currency, social services and laws. I had never heard of these small communities, one of which was founded in 954 AD {jeeeeez}, and was surprised to find one of the film festival’s documentary picks is centered around this topic. “How to Start Your Own Country” takes an inside look at nations including the Principality of Sealand {off the coast of England} and the Hutt River Province {Australia}. I hear the film has a somewhat serious tone but I’m sure its peculiar subject matter will make it pretty entertaining.

Project Nim“: From the director of “Man on Wire,” this film is about the controversial 1970’s experiment involving a chimpanzee named Nim Chimpsky {lol} who was taught over 125 signs in sign language by academics in New York. This film caught my eye because a) I’m generally a fan of director James Marsh’s work and b) The Guardian’s review makes it seem like a must-see.


  • Bill Cunningham New York {see my post about this film here}
  • Breaking and Entering {A juggling marathon runner = a joggler? lol watch the trailer for this film about world record breakers – I’m pretty sure any debater can speak faster than the lady at the end}
  • Louder Than a Bomb {I wish I was half as cool as these poetry slam kids}