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“It’s very important to lick your fingers” –Mark Bittman

I’ve been hooked on Mark Bittman’s recipes ever since I was first introduced to the food journalist and cook book author’s work by my dad and step mom when I was a kid. My family uses one of his books, “How to Cook Everything” almost daily and personally, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my own “How to Cook Everything – Vegetarian.” We aren’t very religious in my family but when it comes to Bittman’s recipes we’re definitely devout believers.

Recently, I’ve spent some of my free time watching Bittman’s short cooking videos on NYT.com. Bittman occasionally makes short segments for his “Minimalist” video program – his videos can only be described as sarcastic, overly and sometimes unnecessarily dramatic and relatable for the average home-cook. I didn’t know how much of a kook Bittman was until I watched his videos but his hilarity, delicious recipes and somewhat new commitment to advising his readers and recipe users to eat less meat will keep me coming back. Here are two of my favorites:

EXTRA! Last week Bittman wrote a special column about winter soups, all of which happen to be vegetarian! Check out his column here.