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I love when two or more of my favorite things come together and seem to act in perfect harmony. For example: mint and chocolate … peanut butter and chocolate … raspberries and chocolate … But really, aside from mint, peanut butter, raspberries, and of course, chocolate, I’m always pleased when I find a new book, magazine or movie that seems to perfectly embrace some of my main interests. Enter: “Bill Cunningham New York.” I’m really excited to this new documentary about a) world renowned and New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham and b) New York fashion. Bill has captured everything from New York street wear to high fashion runway styles and has become an irreplaceable fixture in the NYT’s fashion section. As far as I can tell, the documentary seems to take a look at both Bill’s relatively simple personal life as well as his lively passion for photography and fashion. Needless to say, I cannot wait to see it.

Release date: 3/16/11

ALSO: This is my first {unofficial} solicitation for new blog name ideas. If you have a cool idea please post a reply!